Wedding Speeches

With my daughter’s wedding happening today, I thought I would give some tips on wedding speeches. And as public speaking trainer and coach, all the members of the bridal party have asked my advice on how to structure their speeches and what they should say?

My advice was always, what is you core message, what one thing do you want the audience to take away from your speech. Once you have identified that core message, then identify 3 or 4 personal stories or anecdotes that best illustrate and support your core message.

The best man decided that it was important to highlight what a good and capable guy the groom is.

The chief bridesmaid identified the way she had seen the bride and groom grow and strengthen their relationship over the past 5 years and how they were perfect for each other, as her key message.

And the father of the bride, yours truly, identified chasing your dreams and placing no limits on what you want to do, as my core message.

Each of us then simply identified the stories from knowing the bride and groom, that best matched our core message, and used them in our speech.

Then, simply tell the stories from the heart with sincerity and authenticity and you can’t go wrong.

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