assertive communication skills

Assertive Communication Skills

Presented By

Violet Dhu

A common pattern in people’s communication is the lack of awareness and capacity to be assertive. Not being assertive can make it difficult to say ‘no’, and can cause conflict in personal relationships and the workplace.

Assertive communication skills will help you to reduce conflict in your relationships, deal with difficult meetings and speak confidently in public. Being assertive will help you to reduce anxiety and strengthen your self-esteem.

This one day workshop will help you communicate assertively and be comfortable in being assertive.

Workshop Program

The workshop program consists of the following elements.

  • What is Assertiveness – Defining assertive communication
  • Understanding how to communicate effectively – What is your current communication style – What has influenced and shaped you communication style
  • Understanding different communication styles and how to recognise them – What are the drawbacks and benefits of the different communication styles
  • Understanding assertive communication – Benefits and drawbacks – The importance of body language – Assertiveness myths – Defining assertiveness needs and aspirations
  • Techniques and tools that allow you to communicate assertively – Understanding the basics – The basic assertion, broken record and ladder techniques – Developing an assertiveness hierarchy – Dealing with criticism

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Recognise the way you currently communicate, your strengths and weaknesses in the way you communicate and the factors that influence your communication style.
  • Understand the difference between assertive, passive and aggressive communication.
  • Understand what is meant by communicating assertively.
  • Be able to apply effective strategies to communicate more assertively.
  • Be able to use practical skills to deal with criticism.