In-House Workshops

Create a happy and healthy working environment by improving communication within your organisation.

Communication is the key to a successful organisation.

At Corporate Communication Experts, we will train you and your teams to bring your best communication skills to the conversation, whether it's speaking up, responding to questions, speaking at a conference, difficult conversations, delivering a tough message or having the courage to say no when standing up for your beliefs, which creates an environment that is conducive to productive work.

Our In-house Workshops can be custom-designed depending on your organisation's specific communication needs, whether you're in the mining industry, a government organisation, a medical institution or a corporation.

We've got you covered!

Peter Dhu with the participants of Effective Public Speaking and Communication Skills  workshop for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse and English as A Second Language Populations in Australia.

Violet Dhu conducting  a workshop on How to Have Difficult Conversations for Bankwest staff.