Corporate Communication Experts Coaching Service

Our Coaching Service is committed to optimising the performance of individuals, teams and organisations

Coaching is a proven method of developing new skills and getting results that optimise teams productivity by fast tracking progress and embedding new learning. At Corporate Communication Experts we offer our clients a one on one, or small group (2 to 4 people) professional coaching service. We customize the coaching to your specific requirements. Coaching services are negotiated individually with each client, to meet your specific needs and expectations.


Violet Dhu coaches in the areas of communication styles, self-confidence, difficult conversations, nonverbal communication skills, assertiveness, giving and receiving feedback. Violet challenges everyone to use the power of self-disclosure and feedback to reduce their blind spots. This approach get results.


Peter Dhu coaches in the areas of overcoming fear, public speaking, speech structure, presentation styles, job interviews, leadership communication, off the cuff speaking and confidence strategies.


Each coaching client is offered a free 30 minute phone consultation session to ensure an understanding of the coaching requirements and that there is a fit between our coaching style and the client’s needs.