How To Write a Killer Speech

Presented By

Peter Dhu

So you have to write a speech. Maybe it’s a sales pitch, special occasion speech, university presentation, lecture, wedding speech, workplace presentation oral exam and you just don’t know where to begin. This is a common problem and one of the most frequent questions that I get asked. “How do I write and prepare a speech?” This one day workshop, along with your free copy of the “Killer Speech Writing Workbook” and the “Killer Speech Writing CD and templates”, will show you the steps and guide you through the process of writing that killer speech. You will learn:-

  • Where to begin
  • What components are necessary to make the speech work
  • The importance of a strong theme
  • How to build relevance for your audience into your speech
  • The use of personal stories
  • Speaking extemporaneously
  • How to put it all together
  • How to prepare for the big day

At the end of the workshop you will have all of the tools and ingredients that you will need to write a killer speech. You will take away a firm outline and structure that you will be able to practice and refine, as you prepare for your presentation day.









The Killer Speech Writing Workbook and audio CD are included with this workshop.