Speaking For Profits


This workshop is about showing you how you can us public speaking to grow your business. It outlines various ways to speak and share your information to help increase your brand recognition, demonstrate your value and reach more people and increase sales. Speaking is really an affordable and alternative way to boost your business through marketing your offering and building brand. Speaking is also a great way to add value and service existing clients.

The secret to speaking to boost your business is being sure of your value proposition and the problem that you solve for your customer. People are not always aware of the problems that they have, or if they are, they are not aware of the best ways to solve them. Using the spoken word as a means of increasing this awareness and letting people know that you have the solution is a great way to market your business.

In the workshop, I will show you a range of modalities for speaking for profit. You will be able to determine which mode best suits your business and your target clients. 

Course Content

This workshop will teach you how to:

  • Run a public seminar
  • Run a webinar
  • Create a podcast
  • Create a YouTube video
  • Speak on radio
  • Run an online course
  • Re purposing your spoken word
  • Participating in business conference or trade shows

The advantage of speaking for small business owners is that it can be relatively cheap, and it can reach a larger targeted audience. It can expand you your client base beyond your existing clients and the content once created, can be reused, shared and repurposed.

Public speaking is a great way to grow and market any existing business.

**This workshop can be delivered as an in-house corporate workshop. It will be customised to meet your organisational training needs and the key learning outcomes are set to match your requirements.

Peter Dhu

Peter’s story is a motivational tale that really shows what can become of someone who is willing to brave it all and take the first step forward Scott Campbell, Perth Convention Bureau

About Peter Dhu

Peter Dhu is an experienced and acclaimed keynote speaker, trainer and coach in the area of presentation skills, public speaking and overcoming fear.

For over 20 years, Peter has helped thousands of people overcome their fear of public speaking and become more confident and effective in the delivery of their presentations.

A medical scientist by profession, Peter has also studied extensively in the area of business and leadership, culminating in his Masters of Business and Administration and Diploma in Professional Coaching.