Presentation Skills For Leaders


"The ability to speak convincingly to others - to compel them - has to rank as one of the most important skills in business and in life, yet it is one skill that few have”. – Jim Gray

What do Steve Jobs, Sir Winston Churchill, Richard Branson, and Barack Obama do that makes them such effective speakers and leaders? An important part of leadership is having a strong vision and purpose, and demonstrating these through actions and leadership style. Equally important in leadership is the ability to communicate this purpose and vision to the organisation and staff in a confident and persuasive manner.

Leaders can be knowledgeable and competent in their work and have a strong vision, but they struggle if they cannot clearly and effectively articulate and present their ideas and vision to those who need to hear it. The ability to speak and present like a leader, and earn the trust and commitment of staff and colleagues are essential to those in a leadership position. It’s essential to be able to influence the audience and bring them to the speaker’s point of view.

Course Content

This workshop will teach you:

  • How to communicate with the right emotion

  • The right attitude, congruence, honesty and authenticity are essential

  • How to use body language

  • Powerful gestures and your non-verbal language convey over half of your message

  • How to build rapport and connection

  • Connection, trust and rapport are needed to sell a message.

  • How to respond well to questions and probing

  • The inability to answer questions or poor responses can destroy a presentation.

  • How to create one big message

  • Clarity of message and purpose amplifies a presentation

  • How to create a memorable and influential message that will have impact

  • The power of influence and persuasion is integral in leadership

  • Effective use of PowerPoint and other audiovisuals as a leadership communication tool

  • How to avoid practicing “death by PowerPoint”

  • How to present without notes

  • Effective leaders speak extemporaneously and don’t read from scripts.

This workshop gives Managers, Leaders, Supervisors, and New and Emerging Leaders high-level presentation skills that allow them to influence, connect and engage with their audience. Participants will learn the key skills and traits that effective leaders use to gain the trust and respect of the audience.

**This workshop can be delivered as an in-house corporate workshop. It will be customised to meet your organisational training needs and the key learning outcomes are set to match your requirements.

Peter Dhu

Peter’s story is a motivational tale that really shows what can become of someone who is willing to brave it all and take the first step forward Scott Campbell, Perth Convention Bureau

About Peter Dhu

Peter Dhu is an experienced and acclaimed keynote speaker, trainer and coach in the area of presentation skills, public speaking and overcoming fear.

For over 20 years, Peter has helped thousands of people overcome their fear of public speaking and become more confident and effective in the delivery of their presentations.

A medical scientist by profession, Peter has also studied extensively in the area of business and leadership, culminating in his Masters of Business and Administration and Diploma in Professional Coaching.