Corporate Communication Experts

We stop poor communication sabotaging your workplace and business relationships

We optimise the performance and productivity of individuals, teams and organisations through enhanced communication, authentic conversations and strong spoken messages. The bottom line is that poor communication is expensive to the organisation and the individual and results in reduced productivity and lost profitability.

At Corporate Communication Experts, we will train you and your teams to bring your best communication skills to the conversation, whether it's speaking up, responding to questions, speaking at a conference, difficult conversations, delivering a tough message or having the courage to say no when standing up for your beliefs.

The hallmark of a great company with respected leadership, good management and high performance teams is having the ability to communicate openly, honestly and effectively. Unfortunately many organisations suffer from a culture of poor communication resulting in significant productivity and profitability losses.

Let us work with you and your teams to address any issues you may have and to optimise your corporate communication.

Peter Dhu

Peter’s story is a motivational tale that really shows what can become of someone who is willing to brave it all and take the first step forward Scott Campbell, Perth Convention Bureau

Peter Dhu

Peter is an experienced speaker, trainer and coach in the area of presentation skills, public speaking and courage. He trains leaders and managers to speak confidently and effectively, with influence, when they present. For 20 years Peter has helped thousands of people overcome their fear of public speaking and find their voices so that they can share their passions, messages and ideas with the people who need to hear them.

A Medical Scientist by profession, Peter has studied extensively in the area of business and leadership, culminating in his Masters of Business and Administration and Diploma in Professional Coaching.

Before starting his own consulting business in 2009 he worked for the Health Department for 30 years managing various laboratories. He represented the Department on many State and National committees and working parties. High level business and corporate communication skills, including writing speeches for the Minister, negotiations and networking were essential in Peter’s success in these roles.

Peter has extensive experience in the area of corporate communication, presentation skills and personal effectiveness. He optimises workplace leadership and productivity through exceptional communication and persuasive public speaking.

Violet Dhu

Violet Dhu is the person I recommend if you are seeking support to increase employee or self-confidence with difficult conversations and overall performance Belinda McPherson, Southern Rural Water

Violet has over 20 years experience working with organisations and teams to develop effective and confident communication skills by teaching leaders to embrace those difficult conversations. Her degree in Social Work and her work in disability, mental health, aged care and employment assistance programs (EAP) make her an expert at those difficult and pointy ended conversations. This makes her message relevant to all leaders and their organisations.

As an experienced trainer, speaker, coach and graduate of the Harvard University Negotiation Institute she has the ability to engage people and put them at ease so they can learn to increase their self-awareness and optimise their communication with others.

Violet has worked with many organisations and leaders to enhance their ability to be confident in their communication and deal with the pointy end of communication in the workplace. Many leaders and Managers avoid these difficult conversations to the detriment of their employees and at a significant cost to the organisation.

Violet’s key message is that if you learn to be honest and respectful in your communication, then people will trust you, listen to you and work effectively with you.

Violet provided a dynamic session on the art of giving and receiving feedback. We really appreciated the time she took to understand our industry and make sure the material was relevant and relatable. Dr. Belinda Hopper, Animalius Vet