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Book Peter Dhu & Violet Dhu As Keynote Speakers Or Breakout Speakers For Your Next Conference

If you are looking for a keynote speaker or breakout speaker for your next conference, both Peter and Violet are available to inspire and educate your audience.


Peter inspires individuals to face their fears, overcome adversity, chase dreams and play a bigger game. Violet educates audiences on the value of effective and honest workplace communication and the cost of poor communication.


Hire them as a team or hire them individually for your next conference.

Peter Dhu
Keynote Speaker and Workshop Facilitator

Peter Dhu is a conference speaker and workshop facilitator with a difference. Peter is best known as Australia’s top public speaker who stutters. His journey from having a severe stutter and not being able to speak, to one of Australia’s top public speaking trainers is an amazing lesson in leadership, determination and resilience. His story is one of courage, overcoming adversity, facing fear and unlocking potential.


As A Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) within Professional Speakers Australia, Peter travels nationally and internationally, working with organisations and associations to transform their public speaking and communication skills.


Peter combines humour, storytelling and scientific research to inspire people and organisations to achieve their best and unlock their hidden potential.


Supporting his 15 years of conference speaking experience, Peter holds degrees in Medical Science, Medical Administration, Business and an MBA.

Keynote Speaking Topics and Break Out Sessions

  • The science of success
  • From adversity to success
  • Courageous leadership
  • Turning lemons into lemonade
  • Feel the fear and do it anyway
  • Maximise your personal effectiveness
  • When your weaknesses become your strengths
  • The art and science of non-verbal communication
If you want an inspirational conference or meeting then Peter Dhu is the person to have on your program. Thousands of people around the world have been inspired by Peter’s story and his ability to defy the odds and overcome not only his lifelong disability, but the prejudice, discrimination and unfair treatment constantly dished out to him. Peter has inspired and coached many into action and making positive change in their lives.
They love Peter because of his authenticity, powerful stories, great use of humor and the fact that he has walked the walk. Peter doesn’t tell you what you can achieve; he shows you what you can achieve through his own example Christine McLean, CEO, Perth Convention Bureau
Public speaking can leave people sweating, breathless and willing to do anything to get out of it! Peter had a major hurdle to overcome which through hard work and determination he overcame. What you see now is a wonderful example of someone very real delivering a very real presentation – someone genuine speaking with passion and humility James Lush, ABC Broadcaster

Violet Dhu
Keynote Speaker and Workshop Facilitator

Violet Dhu is a conference speaker and workshop facilitator who is passionate about the need for honest and productive communication in the workplace.


Violet shows organisations how to optimise their communication and increase workplace engagement, productivity and trust. Miscommunication has a significant cost to the organisation.

Keynote Speaking Topics and Break Out Sessions

Are you being your own best friend?


In our busy lives we get caught up in trying to please everyone else and lose sight of our own needs. Maybe the biggest and ugliest difficult conversation is with ourselves. We get caught up trying to please everyone else and lose sight of our own needs. It can be difficult say no and set boundaries when we want to be all things to all to people.

I just wish my Manager would manage


Leaders often say I am sick of managers who sit on the fence and don’t call bad behaviour. It is common for managers to avoid the pointy ended conversations. They want to be liked and they don’t want to rock the boat and yes, they don’t want to be perceived as hardnosed.


The reality is people want leaders who are honest. People want to know where they stand and they want honest feedback and in fact they often crave it. The bottom line is we need managers and leaders to take ownership? Stop beating around the bush and have the difficult conversation and manage.

Feedback can make or break your organisation. How well do you give feedback?


We know that receiving feedback is an important part of learning and growing professionally in the workplace. How well we receive the feedback also depends on our relationship with the giver of the feedback. This is where emotional intelligence shines through. People who can have an open mind and stay curious will be ones that can bounce back and have the conversations. Leaders that are good at giving feedback are able to develop exceptional teams. Unfortunately most feedback is delivered badly or misses the mark.