How To Negotiate Saying No


To establish a positive work environment, everyone needs to practice effective communication. And the skill of saying "No" is fundamental to effective communication. However, the daily stress and pressure at work often prevents clear and accurate communication, and many people struggle to say "No" which leads to misunderstanding and conflict.

This workshop will help you to understand the importance of saying no in the workplace and to identify the importance of assertive communication in building a positive work environment.

Course Content

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Change your behaviour and thinking and focus on helpful beliefs about saying no

  • Take control and manage your career better by saying no more effectively

  • Understand how saying no creates a positive impact in your life and on all the members of your team

  • Reframe saying no as a negotiation

  • Identify helpful tips, models, and tools on how to say no and maintain a positive work environment

**This workshop can be delivered as an in-house corporate workshop. The content will be customised to meet your organisational training needs and the key learning outcomes are set to match your requirements.

Violet Dhu

Violet Dhu is the person I recommend if you are seeking support to increase employee or self-confidence with difficult conversations and overall performance Belinda McPherson, Southern Rural Water

About Violet Dhu

Violet Dhu has over twenty years’ experience in working with individuals and teams to develop effective and confident communication skills.

She is a graduate of the Harvard Law School, Difficult Conversations Project and uses her knowledge and skills as a coach and trainer to challenge teams to overcome their fears and to build accountability into their communication.

Violet shows you how to have confident and effective conversations in your workplaces.