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What Went Wrong?

One of things that I notice in public speaking and presentation skills is that people, including me, focus on the negatives and the “what went wrong” aspect of their speeches.

In Chip and Dan Heaths book Switch – How To Change Things When Change is Hard, they talk about the many hours that are spent analysing what went wrong and what didn’t work. Yet little time is spent on analysing those successes. They urge people and society to become a “scientific observer” and learn from your successes.

The same needs to apply to your presentations and public speaking. Instead of getting stuck on what you could have done, or might have done, or the slip up or the point that you forgot to mention, start to focus on the things that you did do well, those wins and those successes. If the audience walks away with one useful piece of information, then you have had a success regardless of what might have went wrong. If you build on those successes and focus on the positives , you will learn what is working and focus more in those areas, thus further increasing your success. So analyse the success that you have and don’t dwell on what went wrong.

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