Public speaking preparation, Walk In Your Audiences Footsteps

Walk In Your Audiences Footsteps

Walk in your audience’s footsteps before you speak or present to them. Spend a day in their lives. Speak to someone who knows about their lives, their problems, their goals and ambitions. Learn about what your audience is going through. An example of this is with speech pathology students, when they are training how to treat people who stutter. Several of the universities ask that the students spend a day as a person who stutters on campus. Another student follows them around and ensures that they do stutter when they speak, when they order food, when they talk in class. Many speech pathologists describe this as the most profound experience that they have ever had and they now understand the pain, the difficulty, the humiliation and the ongoing struggle that people who stutter have. They are now better equipped to help and treat their clients who stutter. How can you walk in your clients shoes.

bare feet footprints in the sand on beach

bare feet footprints in the sand on beach

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