Use the most common questions to guide your presentation

Use the most common questions to guide your presentation

Regardless of what you speak on, or your area of expertise, there will always be those 3 or 4 common questions that are frequently asked. And of course as an expert or knowledgeable person in that area, you know the answers, solutions and ways to overcome these problems. Use these 3 or 4 common questions as the 3 or 4 anchor points for your speech and then give the answers and the information needed around each question.


For example, if I was going to give a speech on the 4 most important things that you can do to increase your effectiveness as a presenter, I would say.

Learn to speak with confidence and reduce any nerves

Use a simple and effective structure

Design your core message to meet the needs of your audience

Build rapport and connect with your audience

I know these 4 questions off by heart and I know the answers, as I have been teaching them for many years. There is speech structure all organised and simple to remember.

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