Power of Habit

The Power Of Habit

I have just read the book called “The Power Of Habit” by Charles Duhigg and it is both an enlightening and confirming read. For a long time I have been speaking and writing about the importance of habits in becoming more confident and effective as a public speaker. I have also spoken about the need to get in the habit of speaking more and wrote about habits in my blog on HABITS TUESDAY, APRIL 9, 2013. So to read this book which emphasises the power of habit is really pleasing.

One of the key points for me in this book was a passge referring to Aristotle. He acknowledged that there are several ways that people become good at things and concluded that Habits are the best way of becoming good and they “reign supreme”. So once agin it is your routine and your habit of preparation, practise and doing more speaking which is going to have the bigest impact on your public speaking skills.

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