Take Action. Improve Speaking

Take Action, Play A Bigger Game

I am in Lunteren in the Netherklands attending a world congress for people who stutter. There are lots of inspirational people speaking about their own journeys, successes and achieving amazing goals and outcomes and not leting their stutter get in their way. I heard a wonderful quote from the chair of the congress organising comitte and it went like this. “It’s up to us to talk, a lot! Break these taboos, in your own life, community, city, country: anywhere. It should not destroy lives anymore, not even for a second, speak up and help others” – Maartje Borghuis.

It is a challenge, it is a call to action and not only to people who stutter or people with a disability, but anyone who is stuck in their own life or wants to play a biggere game. So speak up and help yourself and help others.

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