Speak With Conviction

One of the keys to being a successful speaker and ensuring that your message is heard, understood and acted upon by the audience, is to ensure you use the right emotion. You need to be genuine, authentic, and honest and you need to be aligned with your message.

The easiest way to do this is to have conviction, absolute conviction in your own message and what you are saying. That is an unwavering belief that your message, your service, your product will really help people in their lives. Your message will help transform people’s lives by addressing some of the issues, pain or problems they are experiencing. Or alternatively your message will help people achieve some success or goal which is important to them and will help them in their lives.

In marketing terms, they say that “the first sale must be to yourself”. This simply means that you buy 100% what you are saying. You believe in your message wholeheartedly and you know that it is a message that will help your target audience one way or the other. To not believe your own message lends you to being seen as not honest, not genuine and similar to a snake oil or magic remedy salesperson.

If you don’t speak with conviction, then most audiences will detect this and they won’t buy your message. Have conviction every time you speak, because if you don’t believe what you are saying is important and valuable, why are you saying it.

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