How to deal with criticism: Is the criticism constructive or destructive?

The ability to deal with criticism assertively is a skill we all need in our day to day lives. It too easy to react or to become defensive when people are giving us feedback.
The centre of clinical intervention states that criticism is an Ancient Greek word that describes a person who offers reasoned judgement or analysis, value judgement, interpretation or observation.

To be able to deal with criticism we need to:

· use our emotional intelligence and not react to the other person’s feedback.
· accept that this is the others person’s opinion or interpretation and that you don’t have to agree with their opinion or interpretation.
· listen to the feedback and allow yourself time before responding to the criticism.
· access whether the criticism is constructive or destructive. Constructive criticism is given with an intention of being genuine and helpful so that the receiver can use the feedback to reflect and learn. Alternatively destructive criticism can be both not true or it can be valid but delivered in an unhelpful manner.
· Once you have been able to listen and ascertain whether the criticism is valid you can then assess how you are going to respond.

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