Have you ever tried a public speaking coach

A coach can help you succeed

Public Speaking Dynamics provides small group coaching in the area of presentation and public speaking skills. If you have a presentation coming up, a wedding speech, conference presentation, university tutorial or job interview and you would like to work in a small group to enhance your skills and get constructive feedback, then this is for you. In groups of 3 or 4 over a 2 hour period, I can really focus on enhancing your presentation, develop your speaking skills and give you strategies to use so that your presentation goes of successfully.

You also learn to monitor and evaluate and provide feedback to other speakers. You learn to listen, observe and identify aspects of other speakers that you like and you can then integrate what you learn into your own speaking style. This is a very powerful experiential learning tool, where you are both practising and receiving feedback and also giving feedback to other speakers.

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Peter Dhu

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