Fear of Failure

Fear Of Failure Also Effects Big Business

In a recent Western Australian (WA) business leaders forum, fear of failure was established as one of the worst enemies in WA Business. Fear of failure was preventing innovation and causing WA organisations to fall behind the rest of the world. They found that WA businesses had been going so well that they simply remained doing the same thing, neglecting innovation and change for fear of failure.

Wow if big business is affected by fear also, is there anyone immune to fear. Probably not.
The good news is that the tools in Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway – by Dr Susan Jeffers – provides a better way to handle these fears. And one of the things that Susan talks about is the need to get out of your comfort zone. The WA business community stayed within what it knew, it’s comfort zone and fell behind in the innovation and change stakes.
Feel The Fear And Do it Anyway

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