Assertiveness, Assertive Leadership

Do you have an assertive leadership style?

The key to assertive leadership is to acknowledge that each person differs and is unique. It is your responsibility to show respect towards the other person you interact with and their uniqueness. You also need to respect your own differences and uniqueness. Respecting yourself means setting limits,being able to say No. It also means taking ownership and responsibility for your choices. while respecting others rights.

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Some of the ways that you practice assertive leadership:

  1. Seek to influence others positively by encouraging them to reach their potential.
  2. Practice an active and initiating approach (rather than reacting to situations).
  3. Be empathic with yourself and with others.
  4. Communicate wants, dislikes and feelings in a clear, direct manner and without feeling anxious and guilty.
  5. Focus on being non-judgemental and avoid using labels, stereotypes and biases

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