Self-improvement plan

Create Your Self Improvement Plan

I have just been reading an on-line article on how to create your self improvement plan and noticed that the 5 step process applies similarly to a plan that you can use to improve your public speaking and presentation skills. The full article, written by Eduard Ezeanu can be found at

Basically the steps are:

1 Start by recognising the limits. You are not going to overcome your fear, or become a brilliant speaker all in one day or in one week or after one speech. Recognise these limits and accept that your improvement will be gradual and over time.

2 Prioritise your growth. What aspects of public speaking are most important to you. What can you achieve first. What is your ultimate goal, but it may be a way off yet. Once you have your priorities set, you can focus on overcoming fear, or being confident, or using PowerPoint, or building persuasive message or improving your body language. But you need to prioritise and then work on 1 or 2 things at a time.

3 Phrase your goals in a way that inspires you. Positive affirmations. Feel The fear and Do It Anyway

4 Set daily practise activities. When I coach people, one of the first things I ask before we get into the sessions proper is, “what steps or what practise have you taken since our last coaching session”. Often people make excuses and say none because they were busy etc. So you do nee to set yourself daily practise limits and you need to monitor and ensure that you undertake them.

5 Reward yourself. When you step out of your comfort zone, take a risk, try something new, join a public speaking club or whatever you decide to help you on your journey, reward yourself.

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