Confidence ≠ Being Free of Nerves or Free of Fear

Learn to be more confident as a speaker and presenter.

Confidence is an essential part of public speaking and engaging an audience and getting your message across. Confidence shows the audience that you know what you are talking about, you are sure of your information and you believe that what you are saying is important to them, not just yourself.

Confidence however is not about being free of nerves or having no anxiety whatsoever.  Rather it is about confidence in your topic, your message and how you are delivering it. Many of the world’s top speakers and performers present and perform confidently with nerves and with some level of fear, but that does not detract from their delivery. Ringo Start still reports stage fright before every gig that he plays in. Sally Pearson, Olympic gold medal winner reports nerves before every big race. I always get a little nervous before my keynote speeches. So confidence is not about eliminating nerves or anxiety.

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