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5 Tips for Presenting to Executives

by Bruce Gabrielle August 14, 2012 http://blog.slideshare.net/2012/08/14/5-tips-for-presenting-to-executives/

It is always good when you read articles or books and find that many of the things that you believe in and teach are reaffirmed by these authors and trainers.
This article covers 5 tips to use for presenting to executives. In summary they are:-

  1. get to the point within 60 seconds
  2. Talk about the problems in the marketplace
  3. Sell a vision before discussing the detail
  4. Lead with stories not data
  5. Don’t be afraid of them – be afraid for them

To read the full article go to http://blog.slideshare.net/2012/08/14/5-tips-for-presenting-to-executives/

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