march, 2018

22mar9:00 AM9:30 AMWEBINAR 6 Strategies You Can Use If Your Mind Goes Blank (Free)

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No one wants to experience standing on stage and losing track of their presentation, going blank or having a brain drain. We all not that great public speakers do not read from a script, but in presenting without a script, what do we do if we go blank or lose our train of thought. In this webinar I will show you 5 strategies to recover if you do go blank or lose your way. These strategies will give you confidence and allow you to present without the need to read from a prepared script.

Here are the 6 strategies you can use if your mind goes blank:

  1. Go back to your core message.
  2. Ask the audience to do an exercise or activity (use this time to recover or gather your thoughts).
  3. Stay calm, breathe, and be comfortable with silence.
  4. Go to your notes or your mind map.
  5. Move on to your next point or your next idea.
  6. Don’t tell them that you have lost your way – they don’t know.

And much much more.

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(Thursday) 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM


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