Speaking off the cuff is a skill that anyone can learn!

Learn how you can develop skills to confidently and effectively speak off the cuff when needed.

We have all seen people who struggle to respond to a question or fail to make an appropriate comment. We have also all struggled with tough questions at a job interview, felt uncomfortable trying to comment at a meeting, or failed to be convincing when asked for an opinion on the spot.

Speaking off the cuff, impromptu speaking, or speaking without advanced notice is one of the most valuable communication and interpersonal skills a person can have. Yet so many people struggle with off-the-cuff situations.

This book will help you develop your skills and ability to confidently and effectively speak off the cuff when needed.

What's Inside:

  • Off-the-Cuff Speaking Explained
  • Secrets to Successful Off-the-Cuff Speaking
  • Basic Model that can be Used for all Off-the- Cuff Speaking
  • Back-up Models to use when Speaking Off the Cuff
  • Responding Techniques for your Q&A Session
  • PLUS more tips and strategies!

About the author:

Peter Dhu is an experienced and acclaimed keynote speaker, trainer, and coach in the areas of presentation skills, public speaking, courageous leadership, and overcoming fear. For over 20 years Peter has helped thousands of people overcome their fear of public speaking and become more confident and courageous in their workplaces and in their presentations. He
has helped people find their voice and passion so that they can now share these with the world with courage and conviction through their own presentations.

This book gives you the tools and strategies to move forward in your off-the-cuff public speaking. Constant practice, using the tips and tools presented in this book, will help you improve and become more and more confident in your off-the-cuff speaking.