Who Are You Speaking For

It’s not about you

As a speaker, presenter, educator and trainer it is always important to remember that you are speaking for the audience. You are speaking to inform them, persuade them, to help them achieve something in their life or to overcome a problem. You are not speaking for yourself, because you like the sound of your voice or it makes you feel good when you stand up and speak. You are always speaking for the audience and it is important to structure your message and your method with this in mind.

Leave your ego at the door

Public speaking, presenting and teaching is not the time to be assuming the mantle of expert or guru. It is a time to be humble, open to discussion and ready to engage the audience to create a productive and effective learning environment. One of the sayings often said by professional speakers is, ”you need to leave your ego at the door”. To not do so and to speak for your own satisfaction, rather than the audiences, is one of the biggest rapport destroyers of all time.

So next time you speak, focus on the audience, be 100% present for them and always assume someone in the audience knows as much as you, if not more.

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