Many of us don’t realise the importance of off-the-cuff speaking until it becomes a recurring problem at work, job interviews, or even in our daily life.

Why is Thinking and Speaking Off the Cuff Important by Peter Dhu

Often, when people are asked to speak unprepared or off the cuff, they end up beating around the bush, dodge questions, sound like a broken record or sound like they don’t know the answer. Many of us don’t realise the importance of off-the-cuff speaking until it becomes a recurring problem at work, job interviews, meetings or even in our day-to-day life.

Being able to think and speak off the cuff effectively is an important skill that everyone should learn. Effective and confident speaking off the cuff enables you to create:

  • Confidence: Many people faced with difficult questions or unexpected speaking requests struggle and exhibit nerves and uncertainty. Because you rise confidently and respond with poise and structure your audience and peers will see you as being confident.
  • Reliability: You will be seen as a go to person, the one that always has an idea, opinion or recommendation worth listening to. Because you are good at off the cuff responses you will be seen as effective and reliable in critical situations and your views will be sought. You may be the person sent to negotiate or deal with a difficult situation because you effective at off the cuff speaking.
  • Credibility: You will earn your audiences respect when you respond confidently, especially when given difficult questions. Credibility comes from confident and credible responses while remaining calm while under pressure. Giving good, concise and appropriate answers to questions, when asked, adds to your credibility as an expert in that field. Failing or struggling to effectively answer a question may damager or dilute your credibility.
  • Relationships: It is easier to build relationships because you can build rapport easily with others. Being good at off the cuff speaking allows you to network, connect and build those career and business relationships easily. We all have our elevator pitches, but when asked “what do you do” do you give a prepared monologue or an interesting response which piques curiosity. This is how you build relationships.

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Thinking and Speaking Off The Cuff


“The best way to sound like you know what you're talking about is to know what you're talking about” – Unknown

This workshop is designed to help you think and Speak-Off-The-Cuff, in situations that may arise unexpectedly, or without notice. The ability to think and speak on your feet is a great asset to have in your professional, business, and daily life. Speaking-Off-The-Cuff is required for meetings, impromptu presentations, unexpected project updates, supervising staff, job interviews and responding to questions. To successfully communicate your ideas in these situations you must be able to organise your thoughts quickly and present them in a clear and logical manner and in a way that meets the audience’s needs, all of this with no time to prepare.

Course Content

The workshop will teach you how to:

  • Respond to questions from your audience.

  • Be eloquent, and effective, and make it relevant.

  • Resist time pressure and think before you speak.

  • Structure your off the cuff response as a mini-speech structure.

  • Learn backup models to identify your thoughts and respond confidently and effectively.

  • Use the skills to speak effectively at a job interview.

  • Get to the point and keep your response on the topic.

  • End strongly and leave them with a memorable message.

  • Remain calm when put under pressure.

  • Become more aware of your nonverbal signals when put on the spot.

Communicating off the cuff is critical to success in business, everyday life and your career. In this workshop you will learn and practice techniques that will help you speak spontaneously with greater confidence and clarity, regardless of content and context.

**This workshop can be delivered as an in-house corporate workshop. It will be customised to meet your organisational training needs and the key learning outcomes are set to match your requirements.

Peter Dhu

Peter’s story is a motivational tale that really shows what can become of someone who is willing to brave it all and take the first step forward Scott Campbell, Perth Convention Bureau

About Peter Dhu

Peter Dhu is an experienced and acclaimed keynote speaker, trainer and coach in the area of presentation skills, public speaking and overcoming fear.

For over 20 years, Peter has helped thousands of people overcome their fear of public speaking and become more confident and effective in the delivery of their presentations.

A medical scientist by profession, Peter has also studied extensively in the area of business and leadership, culminating in his Masters of Business and Administration and Diploma in Professional Coaching.