key steps in public speaking

Think – Breathe – Speak

Well here I am in London enjoying the history and scenery. The way to get around London quickly is on the tube and as I was travelling on one of the escalators down to the tube I saw a sign for public speaking courses.

The sign read “think, breathe, speak”. I thought that this was wonderfully simple and a great way to promote key steps in public speaking. So I thought I would share it with my followers. Exactly what think, breathe, speak means is up to you. For me it means:-

Think. Take your time and gather your thoughts. Think before you speak. Pause and identify what you know about the topic.

Breathe. Breathing helps you relax. It helps send oxygen to your brain which helps you think and keep alert. Breathing also helps you to punctuate and pause in your speaking.

Speak. Speak confidently and sincerely. Say what you want to say and influence, persuade and inspire you audience with your genuine and honest speaking style.

So next time you have to speak or are asked to say something, remember to “Think, Breathe, Speak.”

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