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Lose The Hurry

I am in Mykonos in the Greek Islands at the moment, just relaxing and enjoying the slower pace. I noticed a sign that just summed everything up for me – “lose the hurry”.

And in Mykonos there is a strong sense of relaxation and of an easy going pace and of “no hurry”.
Many people who start out public speaking and presenting are nervous, don’t enjoy it and just want to get it over with.
This leads to the phenomenon of rushing, speaking too fast, not pausing and just wanting to get off that stage as quick as you can.

From now on I will tell them, “lose the hurry” I always encourage people to slow down, take their time and pause. This gives your audience time to absorb the information and concepts and time to absorb what you are saying. It gives you time to gather your thoughts and breathe which helps you relax and oxygenate the brain. The slower and steadier pace shows that you are calm, in control and enjoying the act of speaking to that audience. It portrays a sense of confidence.

So the next time you have to speak, relax, take your time and “lose the hurry”.

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