Know your Audience

Know Your Audience

One of the keys to being a successful speaker, presenter or trainer is to know your audience very well. There are lots of sayings that I have read and around the importance of knowing your audience well. These include, “it is not about you – it is about the audience”, “always put the audience first”, “choose your stories and your language to meet the audience’s needs”, “connect with your audience before you deliver your message”.

I am reading a book entitled Tell To Win by Peter Guber and one of the quotes in the book, which I can now add to the above list is “Boredom occurs when you fail to make the other person interesting”. In other words if you give your information and tell your stories with the aim of talking about yourself or making yourself interesting, then you risk losing your audience. So you need to make your information, your stories and your message about your audience and you need to make your audience the centre of your presentation. After all it is about them and not you.

So how do you know your audience well and how can you make your message about them? I am going to run a series of daily Facebook posts over the next week that will ensure you put the audience first and make your message about them.

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