Habits, Practise, Routine, Repetition, whatever you want to call it, is an important aspect of becoming more confident and more effective in your presentation and public speaking skills. You need to get in the habit of speaking and the habit of speaking more frequently and the habit of speaking in more difficult situations. Napoleon Hill said “Habits are the Stairway to a Richer Life”. Anthony Robbins said “Repetition is the mother of skill”.

In my public speaking workshops, I challenge everyone in the room to find a way of getting on their feet and speaking in front of an audience at least once a week. This may require some innovative thinking and will require some action on your part. Maybe you agree to chair more meetings at work. Maybe you take on a committee position for your sporting club and give updates at every meeting. Maybe you join a public speaking club such as Toastmasters or Rostrum. Maybe you join a service club or a social club where speaking is required. Maybe you join an amateur drama or theatre club.

Regardless of what innovative solution you come up with, get in the good habit of speaking often and in front of different groups and different situations. Just get in the habit of speaking.


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