Speaking Off the Cuff

Presented By

Peter Dhu

Thinking and Speaking Off The Cuff

I am sure everyone has seen this video. It is an example of what can happen when you are asked an unexpected question or asked to respond off the cuff.

This full day workshop is designed to help you think and speak on your feet in situations that may arise unexpectedly, or without notice. The ability to “think and speak” on your feet is a tremendous asset to have in your social, business and daily life. Speaking off the cuff is often required in meetings, impromptu presentations, supervising staff, job interviews and when responding to questions from an audience. To successfully communicate your ideas in these situations you must be able to organise your thoughts quickly and present them in a clear and logical manner.

The Thinking and Speaking off the Cuff workshop will put you ahead of the rest of the crowd and ensure that you know how to:

Respond to questions from the floor
Buy time and organise your thoughts
Structure your response
Use the rule of “Three”
Get to the point
Leave the audience with a memorable message
Develop failsafe backup techniques
Structure and respond to job interview questions

This workshop can also be delivered in house and tailored to meet an organisation’s specific needs.

The presenter is Peter Dhu, an experienced and acclaimed speaking trainer and coach who over 20 years has coached and trained thousands of people to over come their fear and become more confident, eloquent and effective public speakers.