fake it until you make it

Fake It Until You Make It – Good Idea or Bad Idea? by Peter Dhu

We have all heard the statement “fake it until you make it”. Amy Cuddy in her famous Ted talk said “fake it until you become it. And many coaches will say “just go on stage and fake it until you make it”. So, my question then is, should we just fake it until we make it in the arena of …

Improve Negative Feedback

6 Steps to Improve Your Negative Feedback by Violet Dhu

In a previous career as an Employee Assistance Program councilor (EAP) I was often required to work with troubled or difficult employees. Sometimes it was the managers who referred them for support and other times people self-referred and sort me out because of difficulty with their manager. A common observation was that the 2 sides of the equation did not …

Make Public Speaking a Habit

Make Public Speaking A Habit by Peter Dhu

How can I be a better public speaker? I still get nervous and shake before public speaking and I want to be more confident. I have a job interview, or a wedding speech or an important presentation at University, can you help me prepare. Media interviews and unexpected questions really make me nervous. I make my living by training, coaching …

Pre-Presentation Routines To Help With Public Speaking Nerves by Peter Dhu

Definition of Routines = a sequence of actions regularly followed We all know that public speaking is tough for many people. It creates nerves, fear and anxiety. And public speaking still rates as one of the greatest fears of human beings. And for many of us, the nerves, anxiety and fear often kicks in just before or leading up to …

Work Life Integration

How to Master Work-Life Integration By Violet Dhu

As we approach the year’s end, it is worth thinking about how well we managed to master our work-life integration and what can do to ensure that the next time we are pushed to our limits at work, we don’t compromise our personal life.