Pre-Presentation Routines To Help With Public Speaking Nerves by Peter Dhu

Definition of Routines = a sequence of actions regularly followed We all know that public speaking is tough for many people. It creates nerves, fear and anxiety. And public speaking still rates as one of the greatest fears of human beings. And for many of us, the nerves, anxiety and fear often kicks in just before or leading up to …

Work Life Integration

How to Master Work-Life Integration By Violet Dhu

As we approach the year’s end, it is worth thinking about how well we managed to master our work-life integration and what can do to ensure that the next time we are pushed to our limits at work, we don’t compromise our personal life.

How to be your own best friend

How To Be Your Own Best Friend By Violet Dhu

If people are our greatest asset, then we need to be in peek condition and operating at our optimum to best manage and communicate with this asset (our people). I like to use the term that we need to learn to “be our own best friend”.

As A Speaker and A Trainer Always Be Open To Feedback and To Learning New Things.

As A Speaker, Always Be Open To Feedback By Peter Dhu

Even if you are the expert in your topic, be open to learn from your audience and be open to being challenged and always welcome these alternative points of view and treat the other person with respect and understanding and never belittle or undermine them in front of the audience.